Cyber Security Lifecycle Automation Software


AltiusCS is a SaaS solution which enables firms to develop and execute responsive, enterprise-level cyber security and incident response strategies.  Comprised of 5 core capabilities that can be used independently or bundled into an end-to-end cyber security life-cycle management solution, AltiusCS automates the process creating control based cyber security programs that protect critical data assets, streamline compliance and audit activities, and ensure effective responses to cyber incidents.   

Designed to support both firms in need of an end-to-end “Virtual CISO” solution to develop and drive their enterprise cyber security program and those in need of a-la-carte tools to improve existing cyber security programs, AltiusCS provides firms with the capabilities they need to effectively manage their entire cyber security life-cycle.


altiusCS Assessment and Planning

Developing cyber strategies to reduce cyber-attack risks

Leveraging a FAIR methodology based approach aligned to your business priorities, the AltiusCS Assessment and Planning module leverages a variety of analysis capabilities to help firms understand their cyber risk and the actions needed to protect the business.   Key tools offered include:

  • Cyber security capabilities assessment
  • Inventory of critical assets
  • Business process to critical asset mapping
  • Enterprise data network connectivity breakdown
  • Detailed data analysis
  • Vulnerability test plan

Leveraging the output of this analysis, the Assessment and Planning module automatically provides firms with:

  • A cyber security strategy consisting of a defined improvement plan to assure acceptable cyber risk prevention and organizational accountability for risk management and compliance activities.
  • A comprehensive incident response plan bringing together in one spot the necessary activities to deal with a cybersecurity event including response procedures, stakeholder notifications, public relations communications, and legal strategies.

altiusCS Program Management

Providing efficient management of enterprise cyber security programs

Designed specifically to streamline the human-intensive tasks associated with cyber security program management, the AltiusCS Program Management module marries a proprietary end-to-end program management lifecycle with a NIST based methodology.  The result is a program management capability designed specifically for the unique needs of cyber security providing key features including:

  • Prepackaged programs supporting multiple industry standards
  • Governance, process, organizational, and technical control driven programs
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Automated end-to-end cyber security workflow management
  • Centralized monitoring of detection solutions
  • Optimized resource usage and task assignment
  • Multiple APIs supporting 3rd party solution integration 

The Program Management module automates the design, building, and management of cyber security programs allowing firms to efficiently deploy a suite of cyber security solutions without having to invest heavily in additional in-house resources.  


altiusCS Compliance and Audit

Minimizing the time spent on responding to compliance and audit requests

The AltiusCS Compliance and Audit module enables firms to demonstrate the reasonable security protections regulators are seeking and provide evidence of actions to secure customer data required from auditors.  Core capabilities of the Compliance and Audit module include:

  • Automated data retrieval 
  • Standard extracts and reports for key compliance standards (PCI, etc.)
  • A historical repository of cyber security activities and programs.

With the Compliance and Audit module, firms are able reduce internal expenses by simplifying the preparation of detailed reporting for auditors, regulators and examiners, and eliminate the need for outside consultants.

Cyber attacker.jpeg

altiusCS Incident Response

Reducing costs associated with cyber security events

The AltiusCS Incident Response module prepares firms to effectively respond to intrusions by providing the legal, public relations and communication capabilities firms need to minimize the financial and non-financial risks associated with a cyber security incident.   Key components of this module include:

  • Alerts and Notifications for key members of crisis teams
  • Public relations communication protocols
  • Legal strategies
  • Crisis management plans for multiple scenarios
  • Data Recovery assistance
  • Prioritized response activities

Through us of the Incident Response module, firms can reduce both financial and non-financial costs associated with cyber events by ensuring a rapid, well-coordinated response to cyber events.


altiusCS Business Intelligence

Creating organizational awareness

The AltiusCS Business Intelligence module provides insights organizations need to know about what is happening, what needs to be improved, and what is being done to increase awareness and accountability across the firm.  Key components of the Business Intelligence module are:

  • Real-time program status reporting
  • Subsidiary and franchisee level analysis
  • Executive information system
  • Cyber protection readiness score
  • Knowledge base
  • Data visualization
  • Predictive analytics
  • Workload balancing 

With the Business Intelligence module, firms get the transparency needed to effectively manage their current enterprise cyber security activities and the insights needed to anticipate and prevent cyber-attacks from happening in the future.