Employ a Virtual CISO with altiusVC

Cybersecurity requirements are evolving rapidly in the wake of new and more sophisticated cyber attacks.   Additionally, regulators and customers are raising expectations regarding cybersecurity provided by firms.  As a result, many companies find that they need to allocate more and more of their budget to cybersecurity.   For many, these expenditures are hampering their ability to grow while for others these expenditures are not occurring, leaving their firms open to significant business risk.  

Altius Systems developed altiusVC to provide firms the ability to implement the cybersecurity programs they need at an expense level they can afford. Combining the efficiencies of altiusCS with expertise provided by Altius Systems' team of cybersecurity experts, altiusVC assists firms in designing, implementing, and managing world-class cybersecurity programs without having to invest in significant in-house resources.

Half of business executives do not have a formal plan in place to secure and protect company data
— NTT Com Security, February 2016

altiusVC Benefits 

  • Create a formal cybersecurity strategy
  • Develop proactive breach sesponse plans
  • Reduce financial losses and penalties
  • Maintain brand equity and goodwill
  • Protect future sales
  • Minimize exposure to lawsuits
  • Preserve customer relationships